3 Steps to a Smarter Smoothie

3 Steps to a Smarter Smoothie


It’s February and hopefully those New Year’s Resolutions for a healthy lifestyle have not been forgotten.

One way to help you realize your goals is eating a healthy diet.  That diet might include a healthy smoothie made with Vitala Foods Yogurt and a handful frozen berries and a splash of EcoDairy milk .

That’s good.

But let’s take that smoothie from good to GREAT.

Here are 3 things to add to your smoothie so it really packs a punch, or 3 steps to making a smarter smoothie.


  1. Fiber

Sprinkle in some fiber.  Add some form of fiber to your smoothie.  There are lots of fiber options to choose from: chia seeds, hemp hearts, wheat germ, or Nutracleanse.

There many benefits to eating fiber such as maintaining healthy weight, heart health and it helps you live longer.


  1. Veggies

I know when you think of a smoothie you think sweet fruit and go ahead and add that fruit but why not add some veggies as well.  It’s easy to toss in a handful of kale, spinach or avocado to make that smoothie even more nutritious.


  1. Antioxidants

Add the fiber and veggies to the yogurt smoothie but why not add some antioxidants.  When selecting your fruit, reach for blueberries, strawberries raspberries, cranberries and Goji berries as they are all high in antioxidants.  You could add matcha, green tea, cilantro, basil or a spoonful of turmeric as well.


There you have it.  3 simple ingredients to add to take your smoothie from good to great!

Bottoms up!

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