Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester

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Here at EcoDairy in Partnership with Science World we’ve partnered with AVATAR Energy for our Anaerobic Digester which recycles our cows' manure to power the farm! AVATAR is dedicated to increasing the profitability and sustainability of agriculture, capturing renewable energy, and protecting the environment. Ours is BC's first on-farm anaerobic digester which we operate in partnership with CowPower BC and it’s an important part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture .
The system takes our cows' manure, heats it, and collects methane gas which is then burned by a generator to create electricity to power our buildings and equipment, offsetting a portion of our electricity needs.
By-products of the system are a soft fiber which we use for the cows’ bedding and a condensed liquid organic fertilizer that can be used for crops and gardens.
Check out this short video from Michigan State University and how they explain the process of their digester to give you an idea of what we do here on the farm!

Why Cow Power?
• Efficient Renewable way to make Power and Increase income.
• Many Environmental Benefits- improved air and water quality
• Bonus: FREE bedding and reduced odor
• Incentives have never been better,
• Green Farms= More income and a cleaner environment
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