5 Mooore Things You Can Do After Your Barn Tour!

5 Mooore Things You Can Do After Your Barn Tour!


So many people don’t know about the oasis behind our petting zoo and Nature’s Pickin’s! Outdoor enthusiasts and folks looking for a little adventure come from near and far to take in the views and explore here. Aside from the farm animals, our back field area has birds, bunnies, bugs and sometimes the occasional friendly orange cat to visit with.

Summer is such a great time to visit the farm. There’s a lot going on around here and we want to make sure that you get the most out of your time spent with us after you say goodbye to the cows in our barn and Robbie the Robot milker… So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do on the farm this season.

  1. On your way out, (once you’ve washed all of the cow slobber off your hands after petting our moo-rvelous ladies in the barn) grab an alfalfa feed bag for our petting zoo animals for $1.00. Who doesn’t love feeding animals!? Make sure you hold your hand nice and flat, think of it as a plate for the animals to eat off.
  1. Pet all the animals! They’ll be happy to see you. Meet the pigs, calf, turkeys, goats, then head around the corner to the back field to find our chickens, horse, donkey, and sheep!
  1. Once you visited with/fed the animals, you’ll notice your stomach has been grumbling for a while now. Good thing Nature’s Pickins’s is right next door. We recommend their cranberry crave or chicken salad sandwiches, or pick up a salad made by Chef Dan from Fireside Kitchen! Browse through all the yummy snacks, fruits, veggies and cold drinks until you’ve collected the most perfect picnic lunch ever. (Save some room for dessert, that one’s coming up in #4!)
  1. DESSERT. You guessed it: ice-cream! Stroll on up to the ice-cream stand where one of our fine young scoopers will serve you a cone (or bowl) of sweetness, because what’s the point in having a sweet tooth if you never use it? Choose from some of our classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate, or lemon sorbet, to some more random and exciting features that change weekly! Ice-cream stand is open 11:00am-6:00pm all summer.

  1. Finally, if you’re the type of person who loves making memories last by bringing something home to share with friends and family, you’ll want to spend some time in the U-Pick, choosing only the biggest and juicy blueberries and thorn-less blackberries to eat, bake into a pie, mix into a salad, or freeze for another time. U-Pick buckets can be bought at Nature’s Pickins.

So next time you visit, give yourself a little extra time to stop and smell the flowers, and eat the berries and ice-cream, and pet all the animals, and take your shoes off and run around barefoot, and… you get the picture. 🙂


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