5 Ways to Celebrate Agriculture this Spring!

5 Ways to Celebrate Agriculture this Spring!


Spring is a wonderful time of year. We start to pack away those winter clothes, our eyeballs don’t feel like they’re about to freeze when we step outside and it’s a season of new life, everything feels fresh, more vibrant colours begin to appear and when you take a deep breath you can smell rain on pavement and flowers in bloom.

We love springtime on the farm! Each year we look forward to new baby goats and sheep, and the donkey & horse move out of their winter shelter into our field in the back where they enjoy the warmer air and get to roll around in dirt. The farmer is busy during early spring breaking up the solid ground in preparation for new crops and turning our gardens into a work of art! Lots of work goes into getting the farm ready for summer and fall harvest.

Want to dig in and learn more about the changes happening all around you this season? Here’s 5 Circle Farm Tour inspired ways you can get your family/the kids involved in agriculture here in the Fraser Valley this spring!

  1. Spring Break Camp at EcoDairy! “SPRING into a Farmer’s Boots” is a week-long camp that provides your kiddos with a chance to learn what it’s like to be a farmer in the spring with the EcoDairy team! Find out more here or come on in for a tour, the cows are always happy to greet familiar faces and new friends!
  2. Get excited about honey bees at Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm! The hives may not be active until the month of May, but it wouldn’t hurt to get to know the brilliant little buzzers before they arrive and begin pollinating the fruits & veggies and flowers!
  3. Find out what kind of mischief the goats are getting into at Goats Pride Dairy! You’ll find about 130 goats running around, given it’s a nice day. Maybe you’ll even find some sweet “kids” (babies)!
  4. Pay a visit to a local market like Nature’s Pickin's in Abbotsford or The Local Harvest Market in Chilliwack and ask for items that are in season right now! Give your taste buds a treat and create a delicious springtime inspired recipe that revolves around those main ingredients.
  5. Visit a flower nursery! There’s something so delightful about walking through rows of beautiful blooms in a warm greenhouse. Discover plants that love sunlight and plants that would rather be in the shade, pick out a tomato plant and place it in your garden at home! A few great local spots to check out are: Cedar Rim Nursery in Langley and Tanglebank Gardens & Brambles Bistro in Abbotsford.

Go explore!

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