Your Field Trip to EcoDairy…

Your Field Trip to EcoDairy...



I remember that overjoyed feeling when my teacher would announce that we were going on a field trip. I was the kid that would make my mom sign my permission slip as soon as I got home to guarantee a day of fun away from the classroom. Going on a field trip meant not having to sit behind my desk, instead I would be learning something hands-on, in an exciting new environment (although at the time I just thought I was having a fun adventure with my friends in a place that wasn’t regular old school).

We know that teachers have to choose their field trips wisely. Then there’s the headache of organizing a bus, checking and double checking that students have permission and sometimes having to reach out for parents to volunteer their time to join along.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past couple years the talented staff at EcoDairy have worked hard to make the farm a one stop shop for those interested in farm animals, the food we eat, modern technology and robots, being eco-friendly and caring for our planet, and more! Our hands on tours cover the basic day in the life of an EcoDairy cow, all the way to the science of anaerobic digestion and hydroponics!

We cater to our group dynamics and have never led the exact same tour twice. You tell us what you’re studying in school, and we’ll create a tour program that will cater to the needs of your classroom. The best part is that you as a teacher won’t have to lift a finger while you’re here, unless you’re using it to try out the robot milking suction tube demonstration in our hands-on discovery zone!

What we have to offer:

An introductory mooo-vie

A hands-on Discovery Zone created by our friends at Science World in Vancouver

An up-close experience with our farm animals

A viewing of Canada’s first Hydrogreen where we grow wheatgrass indoors year round

Petting Zoo and opportunities to feed animals

A walking tour through the dairy barn and robot milker observation room

Onsite field and picnic area for your enjoyment before or after your guided tour

Class photo opportunities

And coming soon…. An AMOOZING Race that will stretch across our whole site, we can’t wait to share this new experience with our 2019/2020 guests!!



Find out more about our school tour packages, we can’t wait to show you around!

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