The Babies have Arrived!


The baby goats have arrived and who doesn’t just love baby goats.

They were cute the day they were born and they are still cute today…I mean, even their mommas are cute.

We encourage you to come visit the EcoDairy Petting Zoo to meet these adorable new residents.


I KID YOU NOT: baby goats are called KIDS


ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW: when a nanny goat is giving birth she is said to be KIDDING … meaning she is giving birth to her kids


NANANANANA – HAY HAY HAY GOOD BYE: a female goat is often referred to as a NANNY goat and a male goat is called a BILLY goat however in official goat circles they prefer DOE for the females and BUCK for the males.


UDDERLY FASCINATING: a goats udder has 2 teats where as a cows udder has 4


MILKING IT: Apparently 65% of the world’s population consumes goat milk over cow milk.


GOAT vs. COW: It’s hard to declare a reigning champion but this article helps set out the facts


MAAke your MOOve

Come on over to EcoDairy to visit the kids, or the cows or whatever other animals we have running around here.

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