Happy 50th Birthday to Our Founder, Bill!

Happy 50th Birthday to Our Founder, Bill!





The Birthday Boy

Today we celebrate our founding father’s birthday.

Wow, calling him a founding father makes him sound ancient but he’s not.

Bill Vanderkooi turns 50 and we would not be where we are today without him.

Let’s just say EcoDairy was his brainchild.

It all began a stone’s throw from here when Billy grew up on a dairy farm and developed an appreciation and passion for all things agriculture.

His Dutch immigrant parents instilled in him (along with his 5 younger siblings) a hard work ethic and to be good stewards of creation as they cared for and tended to the land and animals.  During his childhood he was immersed in the rich agriculture community in the Fraser Valley.

Before you know it he graduated with a Masters in Animal Science from Michigan State University and returned to Abbotsford.

He continued working in the ag sector and when the opportunity came to acquire the farm site we are now located on he jumped at the chance knowing exactly what he wanted to do with it.

The Big Idea – Agri-tourism Destination

His initial vision along with all his ideas and plans was able to gain traction with the generous support and encouragement of so many.  People rallied behind the idea to create an agricultural tourism destination where people could learn more about farming and where their food comes from and gain an appreciation for agriculture: the Abbotsford EcoDairy.

Hello EcoDairy

And here we are today, the EcoDairy in partnership with Science World.  After a lot of hard work, team work, blood, sweat & tears, a ton of support, encouragement, collaboration, enhancement, etc we are EcoDairy. A working farm that welcomes visitors to get their farm hand experience with dairy cows, layer hens, grass fed beef, berry patches, petting zoo, a Hydroponics system, bees, ice cream, farm market and a whole lot of other cool stuff.  Come on down and check out EcoDairy.

We’re Glad You Were Born

Happy Birthday Bill!  You’re worth celebrating…and thanks…we wouldn’t be where we are today without you 🙂

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