July on the EcoDairy Farm

July on the EcoDairy Farm


It is July here on the farm and so much is going on.

Next time you visit us here at EcoDairy for a barn tour, here are just a few things you should check out while you are on site.



Ice Cream is open!  As of July 2nd our EcoDairy Ice-cream stand will be open daily.  We will be serving up cool, refreshing farm fresh ice cream from 12:00 to 6:00.

Stop by for a cool treat.


The blueberries are ripening and our U-Pick is open.  Early varieties are hanging heavy on the bushes and it’s going to be a BERRY good year.  Stop by at Natures Pickens to check in and get your u-pick container…and don’t worry, if you don’t feel like picking for yourself they will have some of the farm fresh berries ready for purchase at the market.



The animals are out and about enjoying the summer sun as well.  There are animals in the back paddock, goats on the roof, beef in the pasture and chickens wandering outside the coop.  You can see them all in their natural habitat and even try feeding them some healthy snack bags we have available for purchase at the EcoDairy.  New this year we have bags of chicken feed for our hens.  Come by EcoDairy and check it out.


Run free in the green space and picnic area behind Natures Pickins.  There are animals to see, fields to view, a tractor to sit on, berries to pick, ice cream to lick and tables set up for a picnic.  Check it out!



As per every summer we have summer camps scheduled where kids are invited to; “ GET YOUR FARM HAND EXPERIENCE’ at our week long summer day camps.  At EcoDairy summer camps kids experience the sights, sounds and smells of the farm.  Check out our website for available dates.



The crops have been planted, the fertilizer has been applied and now we are waiting for the fields to grow.  You may have noticed our new and ever so cool irrigation pivot out in the south field.  It waters the crops to ensure optimal yields.  Sunflowers are starting to peak up from the soil just over the creek in preparation for our stop on the Sunflower Trail.  In the east field (which is hard to see) we have farmer Masa and his farmhands working in the rice paddy field and in a south field we are growing malt barley for a local brewery.

As you can see, there is never a dull moment here on the farm and so much to see and do

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