A Party to Remember – Nutriva turns 10

A Party to Remember - Nutriva turns 10


Who doesn’t love a good party?  I know we do and Nutriva Group hosted a celebration the other night marking 10 years and we were invited.  The party was fun and fabulous and happened to be in our very own back yard.

What is Nutriva Group?

Nutriva Group is a group of agribusinesses on a mission to improving health and well-being through innovation and collaboration with a vision for making a difference for the common good.  Phew…that’s a mouthful.

Nutriva is involved in the feed, farm and food sectors and implement ethical farming practices.  That’s kind of where we fit in.

This farm is part of the Nutriva Group and at the EcoDairy farm we look out for our animals and put special care and attention into being good stewards of the land, animals and resources we have and inviting people in to see for themselves how this farm works.  We love having visitors discover and explore our farm, we are proud of what we get to do here and we couldn’t do it without Nutriva Group.

Who is Nutriva Group?

Nutriva Group is more than just a group of Agri-businesses, it’s also a good group of people who value the importance of giving back to the community.  Nutriva Group supports 4 not for profit organizations both globally and locally including Food for the Hungry, Fraser Valley Gleaners, Run for Water and yours truly 😊EcoDairy (the Dairy Innovation Association).

Happy Birthday Nutriva & Thank You!

So Happy Birthday to the Nutriva Group and thanks for making us part of your story and inviting us to celebrate 10 wonderful years.

The Bakerview Farm Venue was stunning, the music was lovely and the food was fantastic, best pizza ever; Farm to Forno.

Special thanks to the photographer who captured so many beautiful and memorable moments.


Cheers to many more years Nutriva!

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