An EcoDairy Update…

An EcoDairy Update...


If you’ve been onsite over the past couple of months you’ve probably noticed some changes… Some more obvious than others and you could say that things are getting more and more “AMOOZING” by the minute…



There’s a lot of things we love about this place, so many things that we thought it would be much simpler to have a sign that says “I <3 ECODAIRY” instead of a sign that says “I LOVE COWS AND ROBOTS AND TEACHING PEOPLE ABOUT WHERE THEIR FOOD COMES FROM AND THE WAY CHICKENS ROLL IN THE DUST TO GIVE THEMSELVES BATHS AND HOW CUTE PIGS ARE AND DID WE MENTION THAT OUR BLACKBERRIES ARE SOO DELICIOUS etc...”

We also love hearing about what our guests love about this place. We can relate, it’s a pretty awesome way to spend a few hours.


Have you noticed the wood signs popping up around the farm? Don’t worry, they’re not going to stay that way. We’re working on a special interactive challenge just for you, your class, your family, your friends… We can’t say what it’s going to be just yet, but you’ll have a lot more opportunities to interact with your surroundings here pretty soon. For now, our summer camp kiddos like pretending those signs are bus stations that’ll take them straight to Hawaii.

We can’t wait to share more with you as we go through the stages leading to completion of this exciting new project. Keep watching our Facebook and Instagram feeds for more clues along the way!

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