An Introduction to EcoDairy’s Hydrogreen!

An Introduction to EcoDairy's Hydrogreen!




Sounds impossible right?  Well it's not, thanks to HYDROGREEN.

At EcoDairy we strive to inspire agricultural advocates and that means being inspired by different and innovative ideas.

One such idea has prompted the EcoDairy farm to develop the HYDROGREEN project.

What is Hydrogreen?

Hydrogreen is a fully automated hydroponics system that grows grass from seed in 6 days with no soil requires.

How Is That Possible?

The Hrydrogreen system is housed in a climate controlled building with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and with 60% humidity.

The automated system has 6 levels of belts. The seeds are automatically dispensed on the belts and are subsequently misted and exposed to light and are on a rotation.  One layer is harvested each day and a new layer is planted each day resulting in the daily production of fresh grass.

What's the point?

The  Hydrogreen produces consistent highest quality feed for cows daily.  The cows love it! That's the point! 🙂

How Much Grass?

Our little building with a footprint of 800 square feet produces more than 20 acres of equivalent feed dry  weight.  That's a lot of grass!

Other Interesting Facts

Water efficient - its 90% efficient with only 10% waste

Weather Resistant - unlike the fields of grass the Hydrogreen is not affected by droughts, heat, excessive rain, snow, sleet or any extreme whether conditions.

Sounds expensive?  All this is at a lower operating cost than conventional methods.

Hydrogreen was originally developed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

and EcoDairy is their very first pilot project.

Next time you visit EcoDairy come check it out

The Grass really is greener when it comes to Hydrogreen.  

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