And just like that, it’s Labour Day long weekend.

And just like that, it’s Labour Day long weekend.




Sadly it marks the end of another summer but why not end summer in style with this list of things to do this Labour Day Long Weekend.



After this weekend it is back to school and school related activities and schedules so why not take some time to get outside and enjoy lounging on a nearby beach, swimming in a nearby lake or strolling a nearby trail.  I mean, just look around you…we are surrounded by beautiful British Columbia so it’s really not that hard to find an outdoor adventure.

If you happen to be walking around Mill Lake Park why not enjoy Mill Lake Music on Saturday night from 6 to 9 outside the Kariton Gallery.




The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) only happens once a year and it is something else.  There is seriously something for everyone at this fair.  We highly recommend Farm Country and the Kids Discovery Farm.



If you find yourself in Abbotsford this Labour Day long weekend we’ve got you covered.  Why not visit the Farm & Country Farmers Market with lots of fantastic local goods.

Also, if you are around Thursday afternoon you can check out the Valley Food Farm Collective in Abbotsford’s railway district. You can follow the Valley Food Farm Collective on Instagram and Facebook for more information or email

While you’re in historic downtown Abbotsford, why not stroll the streets and shops along the way.



Come by the EcoDairy and say ‘Hello!’.  The cows love visitors as do all the animals on the farm whether it’s the pigs in the pen, the goats on the roof, the chickens in the coop or the beef and other animals in the back fields.  There is lunch available at Natures Pickins and the Ice Cream stand is still open…yum!  And I mean…those sunflowers, they are stunning and who doesn’t want to snap a photo by the fields or buy a bundle from EcoDairy for at home.


Summer may almost be over but why not make this last long weekend a weekend to remember.

We hope you enjoy your Labour Day long weekend because things are about to get just a little bit crazy 🙂

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