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Earth Day 2018!

Earth Day 2018!   There’s a Native American Proverb that says “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” It’s interesting to think of this planet as a place that is not our own, but something we should be protecting and nurturing so that our kids and generations…
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April Showers and Spring Flowers: Get your Garden On!

April Showers and Spring Flowers: Get your Garden On!     Each spring EcoDairy gets a little face lift, our skilled landscaper works hard to bring magic to our gardens. It’s such a treat to walk through our back field oasis behind Nature’s Pickins, to take in the view and hear birds chirping! I think…
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Tulip Salad

  Tulip Salad   We’re celebrating tulips this season with a special Tulip themed garden spot in our Discovery Zone, and we’re hosting an Instagram giveaway for 6 tickets to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival! All of this tulip talk made us want to learn more about those beautiful blooms, and an interesting fact we came…
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Meet the Farmer!

We've done quite a few front desk staff features but today we're switching it up a little bit with a behind the scenes feature of one of the guys that really makes everything happen around here, and we like to call him Farmer John... He plays such a huge roll in keeping our site in…
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