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EcoDairy top 5 this April!

EcoDairy top 5 this April! April showers spring May flowers! Whether it’s sunny or rainy this month there’s lots to enjoy here at the dairy! Rain or shine slide on your rubber boots if you're planning on exploring the outdoor spring time changes happening down on the farm, otherwise enjoy a warm, dry and exciting…
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WHY GUATEMALA? – Part 2 of Spring Break in Guatemala

WHY GUATEMALA?  - Part 2 of Spring Break in Guatemala In the last blog we shared pictures and impressions of our Spring Break trip to Guatemala.  Aside from the stunning beauty of the country, the culture and the people, we have been asked why we decided to visit Guatemala over Spring Break.  Let me explain.…
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Mrs. Helinda: April Fools!

Mrs. Helinda: April Fools! BEWARE for tomorrow is APRIL 1st also known as April Fool’s Day. We all love a good prank…don’t we?  But pranks are especially funny when we are pulling them off rather than being on the receiving end. Over the last few years my ‘go to’ prank has been telling people I’m…
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Spring Break Camp 2017!!

Last week we SPRUNG into SPRINGTIME with our spring break campers! We had such a great time discovering what it's like to be a farmer in this season of change, growth, baby animals and more! We did farmer chores such as feeding the animals in our outdoor exhibit, cleaning the animal exhibit, pushing up the…
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