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Make Memories, Not Trash!

Make Memories, Not Trash!   We accumulate a lot of extra waste during the Christmas season, with all of that gift giving and eating. The amount of curbside garbage rises, old electronics are tossed out more often during the holidays and many people aren’t aware that the foil-type wrapping paper can’t be recycled! Instead of…
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Year End Celebrations

Year End Celebrations   It’s still November but in order to beat the rush of Christmas calendar chaos we held one of our staff Christmas parties this past weekend. Let me explain. EcoDairy is part of the Nutriva Group of companies. Nutriva Group is like the parent company to several other different agribusinesses dealing in…
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Vicki the Cow’s EcoDairy Gift Guide

Vicki the Cow's EcoDairy Gift Guide   If you’re like Vicki the cow you have a lot of friends and family on your Christmas list to find that perfect something for and you’re not waiting until December 22nd to put a little check-mark beside their name. There’s a lot of things to love about the…
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The Cows of EcoDairy: Terry

The Cows of EcoDairy: Terry       Meet Terry, she’s one of our red and white Holstein dairy cows, which makes her easy to spot among her black and white gal pals. It’s a good thing too because she’s one to keep an eye on! Terry loves to greet our guests on the feeding…
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