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Modern Farmer on: Egg Preservation

Modern Farmer on: Egg Preservation! Which came first the refrigerator or the egg?  The egg of course. Modern Farmer came out with an article presenting the study of egg preservation without the use of a refrigerator and we thought it was pretty interesting… Did you know that “when a hen lays eggs, they have a naturally…
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Community & School Tours at EcoDairy!

Group Tours at EcoDairy! Did you know that aside from walk-in tours, we also love to host parties, community groups and school group tours? Meet the cows face to face, watch a robot milk a cow, learn where food comes from, explore the farm, find out what powers our lights, enjoy interactive games & activities,…
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Mrs. Helinda – Playgroup Begins!

Mrs. Helinda - Playgroup Begins! This blog post is a showcase as to why we call Mrs. Helinda, Mrs. Helinda! We are so lucky to have her on the team, teaching kids each Monday and Wednesday morning about the farm, friendships, fun and more. This week marks the beginning of playgroup 2016/2017! This is what…
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Back to School Lunch Ideas for Everyone!

Back to school lunch ideas for everyone! Some of us don’t want to admit that it’s time to get back into the school groove, there’s something so nice about taking summertime as it goes, tossing the schedule away and living a little more carefree but at some point we start to desire structure again and that…
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