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5 Things to do at EcoDairy in May

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5 Things to do at EcoDairy in May

Here's a little checklist that YOU can conquer this month here at EcoDairy!

  1. Stop and smell the flowers – Pack a lunch or pick up a fresh sandwich from Natures Pickin’s next door and enjoy some food in our back patio/field area! There’s lots of room to run free and play.
  2. Grab an ice-cream cone at our kiosk and take a walk past our animal exhibit, just make sure you don’t let the goats steal a taste!
  3. Watch a funny animated video about Vicki the cow, try milking her demonstration model and then experience for yourself the suction our cows feel when they get milked in the barn using our robot milker storyboard activity.
  4. Tour through the dairy barn and watch how the cows move about the barn using their very own back-scratching hair brush, wash their hooves in the sanitizing bath, lounge on squishy beds and milk themselves in Robbie the Robot!
  5. Build a tower out of KEVA blocks, test your farm machinery matching skills and get creative with our spring colouring sheet and craft of the month in the Moozanine!

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