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Cows Are Therapy

Cows are Therapy Sometimes when we need a break we'll take a walk into the barn and say hello to these lovely ladies. First they all stop and stare but once they’ve figured out that we're not intruders they go back to eating, pushing each other around and licking their own nose holes. Cows are…
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Pine Cone Ornaments

Did you know that when you bake your pine cones in the oven before crafting you’ll be able to open them up nice and big and it’ll kill any little bugs or critters you might not want crawling around during your creation process? It takes a bit of time to open them up all the…
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Birthday Thoughts

When I think of Birthdays a few things come to mind: Dirt & Worms ice-cream treats, receiving funny greeting cards, feeling a little bit richer when receiving donations to the Birthday fund and surrounding yourself with all the wonderful and sometimes odd people in your life that you enjoy the most. What a time of…
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Visiting EcoDairy with little ones!

Visiting EcoDairy with little ones! Looking for a great outing for your toddlers and preschoolers? EcoDairy in Partnership with Science World, is a fantastic and fun learning experience for little ones. SEE our cows face to face, the goats up on the roof and other surrounding life on the farm. SMELL new smells in the…
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