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Mrs. Helinda – 19 Years of Wedded Bliss?

19 years of wedded bliss? Bliss might be a bit of a stretch but I must admit I love him more now than I did 19 years ago when I said I do. Don't get me hasn't always been and likely wont always be wedded bliss but today is a good day.  This season…
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Ice-cream Flavours

Ice-cream Flavours Have you visited our ice-cream kiosk yet? We’re open 7 days a week now from 11am – 6pm for your eating pleasure! Let’s just think about some possible flavour combinations if your mouth isn’t already watering at the thought of delicious ice-cream… Try adding a hint of romance in your life with a…
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EcoExcursions in the Valley!

EcoExcursions in the Valley! During this time of year our tour calendar changes a little, the school tours for the year have wrapped up and now we get to look forward to touring scouts, brownies, girl guides, day camps and all of our wonderful Eco Excursion groups! Eco excursions are always a blast because the…
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Why do Turkeys Drum?

Why do Turkeys Drum? Have you ever walked past our animal exhibit to find our turkey puffing himself up and making low drumming noises? This isn’t because he’s in a musical mood, he’s actually trying to impress his lady friend in the pen. Check out this explanation from an experienced turkey hunter: “Drumming is a…
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