Back to School 2019

Back to School 2019


Today was the first day back at school for my ‘chicklets’.

Back to school means back to schedules, early bedtimes and early morning wake up calls, back to bagged lunches, homework, reading, after school snack, signing permission forms, back to driving to and from school as well as tryouts and practices and games.

They call it Back to School but I ought to call it Back to Busy.


Somethings Missing

This year the first day back to school is a little different for several reasons.  People are missing. My eldest went off to university a couple weeks ago so not only did we lose a body in our photo line up but we also lost a driver.  Another thing missing is me.  As I write this I’m on a jet plane heading to a work conference.  I was not there to take the photo and I’m not there to walk my kids through this first week back at school.

Holding it Together

Thankful for family & friends that are helping out on the home front and thankful for relatively independent and self sufficient kids who are up for the challenge of a few days without Mom & Dad.


Cherish These Moments

Through the years I’ve posted Back to School photos and looking back you realize things keep changing, the kids keep growing and time does not stand still.  So instead of wishing the kids would ‘grow up already’ or wishing the kids would ‘just stay little for a while longer’ why not enjoy and appreciate the present ... because, after all ... change is inevitable.

- Helinda

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