Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Rebecca!

Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Rebecca!   We interviewed Rebecca for this month’s staff feature. Rebecca brings a special joy and energy to EcoDairy that really brightens up the place. She has a knack for making her guests feel welcome and at home, and we’re so lucky to have a gem like her on our team!…
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A Heartwarming Soup using Delicious Local Ingredients!

A Heartwarming Soup using Delicious Local Ingredients! Cool, grey days call for warm, cozy soup. Here is a great potato, corn and sausage chowder that is a hit and can be made using locally sourced produce and products…including milk from our cows here at EcoDairy. I don't know about you, but when I make a…
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Mrs. Helinda’s Playgroup Top 5: Winter Edition

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Mrs. Helinda's Playgroup top 5: Winter Edition

Every week Mrs. Helinda welcomes her playgroup class here at EcoDairy and every week brings something different.

Playgroup is a blast!

You might think our cows are cute but my Playgroup kids are ADORABLE.  Find out what the kids like about visiting and exploring in their list of Top 5 at EcoDairy Playgroup.

  • COWS: Visiting the cows in the barn and seeing them face to face is always a highlight. The kids often look for their favorite cow whether it’s the littlest, the friendliest, the brown one or the one named after them, they love walking through the barn, pushing up the feed, trying to get licked by the cows, watching them pee, or poo or eat or visit the cow brush…KIDS LOVE COWS
  • MOVIE: MOOvie theater…yes, the movie is cute and clever and informative…but really…EVERY week…they just can’t get enough
  • ANIMALS: Going out and visiting or feeding or touching the animals in the animal exhibit is such a hit
  • CIRCLE TIME: When I call ‘Ring, Ring, Ring” the kids come running knowing it is time to gather round, sing songs, read books, solve problems and create something cool.
  • CANDY HUNT: Is it time for “candy” hunt is a question I am often asked. To finish off our mornings together we end with a ‘Treasure Hunt’…but the kids call it a ‘Candy Hunt’ because, who is kidding who… they prefer candy to any other treasures I can provide. (This also motivates them into good behaviour making for a very peaceful and fun filled morning.)

I don’t know who is more excited about Playgroup each week…me or them?!?


A Funny Farm Valentine

A Funny Farm Valentine In honour of Valentine’s Day, and loooove, and kissing…. We’re going to talk about cow tongues. (Didn’t see that coming did you!?) If you’ve ever toured with us you may have had an opportunity to get “kissed” by a cow. Cows don’t know a whole lot about personal space and if…
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