5 Things to do at EcoDairy in July!

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5 Things to do at EcoDairy in July!

Summer is such a wonderful time of year, don’t you agree? It’s that time of year when you can kick back, relax and enjoy the slow life that the farm has to offer. We’ve been loving the sunshine, warm weather and extra dosage of Vitamin D.  Are you thinking of stopping by for a visit? There’s lots to do on the farm in July! Feel free to take this list and check it off as you go…

  1. Pop in for a tour! Have you been before? Let’s see how much you remember about the cows, or maybe you’ll make a new friend. Find out if your tour guide knows how long a cow’s tongue is!
  2. Stop by the animal exhibit to say hello to our farm friends. The goats and cows might be extra loud if it’s near their breakfast or lunch time. They’ll be happy to let you pet them but watch out! –some of them are really friendly and might try to eat your shirt if you get close enough.
  3. Next make sure you grab a sweet treat at our ice-cream kiosk. Some of the popular flavours so far have been chocolate, chocolate raspberry and mocha! (But you can decide for yourself.)
  4. While you’re eating your ice-cream you can either choose to sit at one of our convenient picnic benches outside or walk around Nature’s Pickin’s onsite and find out what local goodies they have in season! Nature’s is unique in a lot of ways, they sell specialty snacks, and always have a great deal or two that you can take advantage of, not to mention they focus on supporting local, so when you buy something from them you’ll be happy to know that you’re supporting local too!
  5. While you’re at Natures you might as well purchase a basket to bring over to our U-Pick area in the back field! We have some of the tastiest blueberries in town. There’s something so therapeutic about picking blueberries and then eating them with some creamy delicious Vitala Greek yogurt is the ultimate reward.

Come visit and explore this July, we hope to see you soon!

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