Guest Blogger: Steve Brandsma, Sheep Expert

Guest Blogger: Steve Brandsma, Sheep Expert Our guest blogger this month is Steve Brandsma and he has the scoop on the EcoDairy Sheep! Steve: When you come to the Eco Dairy, visit our sheep in the back field!! They are a breed of sheep called St. Croix.  The St. Croix is a breed of domestic…
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EcoCircus Summer Camp!

EcoCircus Summer Camp!

For the past few summers we’ve offered a week of fun to kids looking for a farming/eco-friendly camp experience, jam-packed with activities, games, science experiments, crafts and more! This year we are very excited to run FOUR weeks of camp with an Eco-Circus theme! You can sign up for one week or all four.

Here are the date we are offering:

July 18-22

August 8-12

August 15-19

August 22-26

We’re busy planning acrobatic games, clown crafts, relay races, magical science experiments, dressing up the animals with clown noses and pom-pom scarves, transforming the Moo-zanine into the ultimate eco-circus destination and so much more.

Cost per camper is $160 for the week

Running Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm

Check out our website to register!

To get an idea of what our camps have looked like in the past you can check out the Spring Break Camp album on our Facebook page!

Ice-cream, You Scream!

Ice-cream, You Scream! We can’t believe summer is almost here and we can definitely feel the seasonal change at EcoDairy! We’ve hosted a huge amount of school tours these past few months, which is a sign that schools are getting ready to wrap up the year and send students off on summer vacation! This time…
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The Science Behind Pollination (and why it’s so important!)

The Science Behind Pollination (and why it’s so important!) When you see a bee what do you do? Swat it away? Freeze? Run from the scene? Bees tend to spook a lot of us and why? Because they have a tiny little stinger that they MIGHT poke us with if we make them mad enough?…
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