Flying Poop! – “Tails” from the Barn

Flying Poop! - "Tails" from the Barn Dora and the Cow Brush   Hello! Vanessa here, I’ve been a tour guide at EcoDairy for almost four years now and let’s just say that this blog post is going to be a teat… I mean, a treat. Something happened in the barn the other day when…
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Mrs. Helinda Takes on Mudderella!

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Mrs. Helinda Takes on Mudderella!

Helinda is not afraid to get her hands dirty so we weren’t surprised when last weekend she headed up to Whistler to participate in Mudderella 2016.


Mudderella Whistler is a 9km muddy and hilly obstacle course, designed by women for women. The event is all about working together, having fun, and owning your strong all while supporting good causes important to women!

When asked about her Mudderella experience here is what Helinda had to say: ‘We endured the cold, climbed the mountain, maneuvered the obstacles and got wet and muddy.  My team and I had a blast; our team included my sisters and a couple of friends who are like sisters.  We came and conquered all while supporting a good cause.  Will we do it again next year...I'm not sure?  But I know we will do our part to support these great causes while challenging our bodies and minds to overcome the obstacles we face in life.”

Here are a few images captured on race day!

They really do look like they are having fun!

It’s Better When You’re a Member!

It's Better When You're a Member!   We know a lot of people who love cows, and we get it! We love them too. Cows are smart (they know how to use a milking robot all on their own), they’re bossy, they’re fabulous creatures and they know it. They poop where they want and they…
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MOO or BOO 2016!

MOO or BOO 2016! Mark your Calendars!! 3rd annual MOO or BOO event is set for October 31st between 2 and 6 pm. Come by and visit for good clean fun (and maybe a few spooks.. And cows, we can't forget about the cows!). With help from some of our community partners we provide activities,…
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