Back to School Lunch Ideas for Everyone!

Back to school lunch ideas for everyone! Some of us don’t want to admit that it’s time to get back into the school groove, there’s something so nice about taking summertime as it goes, tossing the schedule away and living a little more carefree but at some point we start to desire structure again and that…
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Back to School with Mrs. Helinda

Back to School with Mrs. Helinda Helinda and Bill have 5 kids, and they know all too well about the craziness the first day of school holds.. This is what she had to say about it!     Welcome Back to School Back to school arrived bright and early this morning. I think we are…
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Summer Memories!

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Summer Camp Re-cap

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun and this summer sure zoomed by. We’ve filled the season with smiles, games, discovering, tours, science experiments, arts and crafts, COWS, and so much more with our wonderful guests, and we have the pictures to prove it!
We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out for a visit, whether you were a local tourist just popping in for an ice-cream cone and time with the cows, or if you traveled from another country and had us on your summer bucket list. It’s been a great season!

We took some time to look back on our summer camp program this year and remembered some of the funny things that were said, the new ideas that came out of the blue, the spur of the moment activities and the day to day learning & building blocks that brought our EcoDairy team closer.

We’ve included a few of some of our favorite photos from our three weeks of camp this year!

#Cultivate2016 – FROM FARM TO PLATE

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#Cultivate2016 - FROM FARM TO PLATE

Mrs. Helinda attended Cultivate 2016 and wrote about her experience, what a night! Check it out...


I had the privilege of attending the Cultivate & Co long table dinner this past weekend; #Cultivate2016 It was a night that celebrated local, bringing farm to plate.

Let me start by saying it was STUNNING!

Cultivate & Co was created to enhance relationships between local businesses, farmers and people and it is the brain child of three lovely sisters who grew up on a farm in Chilliwack...I have known the family for years...what can I say, they are farmers and they are Dutch.

I was blown away by this long table dinner; the setting at Chilliwack Corn Maze, the ambiance that was created on site, the welcome, the vignettes, the shelter, the lighting, the tables, the place settings, the floral arrangements, the details, the weather, that sunset, the menu...everything.  Like I said it was STUNNING, not to mention DELICIOUS!

But more than all the pretty details and delicious food & drink I appreciated the passion behind it.  This was a crowd of people gathered together to share a meal and celebrate and support all that is local including a local charity; Bowls of Hope.

This event was made possible by the collaboration of numerous local Fraser Valley businesses, farmers and individuals that believe in our community and recognize the value in working together.

The focus was collaboration not competition.

The question was how can we help and support each other rather than focusing on how to compete or dominate each other.

I walked away from the event well fed but also full of pride for this community we call home and with a renewed sense of supporting my local community.

No matter where you live I encourage you to support your community.  A community is only as good as the people who call it home.

Thank You Cultivate & Co.

I was impressed & inspired.


To find out more about Cultivate & Co and their partners check out


Until local!

Cultivate & Co us early Cultivate & Co menu C&c our table