Did Someone Say Ice-cream??

Did Someone Say Ice-cream??



If you like pina coladas… Then try mixing the coconut sorbet with a little lemon sorbet and vanilla ice-cream…. YUM!! We LOVE ice-cream, but where does it come from? At EcoDairy we like to take a few steps back and discover how food gets from farm to table, or fist in this case!

Cows make milk. (If you didn’t know that already then we strongly suggest you come and visit us for a tour sometime soon 😉 The happier the cow, the more delicious their milk. A happy cow is well fed, has lots of water, a good grooming station, a comfortable place to sleep, and a farmer who meets their every need.

Most cows are milked two or three times a day. Here at EcoDairy the cows use a robotic milker named Robby! Robby gives the cows a sweet treat while they get the job done, and if the milk came from a healthy cow it’s sent to the milk tank.

Milk is the main ingredient in butter, cheese, whipping cream, yogurt, ICECREAM and more!! Yum! Milk is collected from a big tank and then pasteurized which basically means it’s boiled and then cooled down FAST – a safe way of getting the milk ready to be sold at the grocery store and to drink!

So how is ice-cream made? Dairy Goodness says: “In its most basic form, ice cream is a mixture of cream and/or milk, sugar and sometimes eggs that is frozen while being churned to create a frozen product. In commercial ice-cream making, stabilizers, such as plant gums, are usually added and the mixture is pasteurized and homogenized. The mixture may have flavourings added, from something as simple as vanilla to fruit or other flavours and pieces of candy.

The mixture is then frozen in special machines that agitate it, using paddles or dashers, combining air to keep the ice crystals small and freeze it at the perfect rate to create a smooth, creamy-textured ice cream.

Learn more here: https://www.dairygoodness.ca/ice-cream/how-ice-cream-is-made
It’s important to know where your food comes from and it’s also important to know where the EcoDairy ice-cream stand is. See ya’ there!! (Open weekends until schools out, then we’ll be open 7 days a week!)

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