Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Helinda on Family, Friends, Faith and Feasting this Easter!




Easter Weekend has arrived...which means family, friends, feasting, finding eggs and faith celebrations.

Family & Friends

Easter is one of those special holidays that bring family and friends together and I cant wait to catch up with family and friends from far and near.


Easter Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner...every year is a little different...some years I host, some I attend and am assigned an item to bring along.  This year at home I'm preparing a Easter brunch and I'm making it easy with a colorful egg frittata  along with salads, soups, breads and fruits.

Finding Eggs

Speaking of chocolate eggs...what is Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt.  There are various egg hunts in Abbotsford (my home town) but check out events in your community and/or set up your own egg hunt at home.  I highly recommend visiting EcoDairy…their Easter Egg Hunt is aMOOzing.



Easter is a Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Christ. Even Christians who don't find themselves a church every Sunday often take the time to visit a place of worship over the Easter long weekend to give thanks.


MORE Feasting

And following that healthy meal and all the fun and festivities will be cake.  I'll admit, this good looking cake came from a box, I just had to add some Vitala milk & eggs and oil, but I made it special by icing it up to look like a speckled blue egg.  It was simple, I just had to color my favorite icing a robins egg blue and spread over the cake, speckle with melted chocolate and garnish with shaved chocolate and colored chocolate eggs...who can resist.


So I hope you can have your cake and eat it too this Easter weekend...I know I will!

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