Eco-Friendly Product Feature: Reusable Produce Bags

Eco-Friendly Product Feature: Reusable Produce Bags


Vanessa here, still just navigating the joyous road of being a wife on the eve of my 2nd wedding anniversary weekend!

I lived with my parents right up until I got married, and while I was excited to start a grand new life with my husband I remember thinking "wow this guy eats a lot". For the first month or so of our marriage I was making two trips to the grocery store each week, plus extra visits to Nature's Pickin's Market next door when I discovered we ran out of something, like pepperoni sticks - AGAIN?

I don't love grocery shopping (who does??). Some people order their groceries online but I like seeing the product and choosing it for myself (maybe i'll change my mind on that when I have kids one day...). I eventually developed a pretty good routine of making a shopping list for the week each Sunday night. I plan my meals, make sure I know the ingredients i'll need and write it all down on a sheet of paper so that I can get in and out of the store as fast as I can.

I like to switch it up with the fruit I have with breakfast every week, and I try my best to cook with fresh veggies. These items usually don't come in bags, which is why those lovely thin little plastic bags are supplied. There's been a lot of conversation around the negative impact single use plastics have on our environment, and frankly how unnecessary they are.

It's interesting, I never really thought of avoiding those little plastic bags until I read a blog where someone wrote about how our veggies come from the dirt, they're handled by machines and people that don't wash their hands every two seconds and then they're placed on the grocery shelf. Sometimes they're sprayed with water to keep fresh, but if you think about it, why not just toss our fruits and veggies into one giant reusable bag all together? Your drive home won't make an impact on their quality, and we usually wash our fruits and veggies before we eat them... Right?

So some of you may say "but I don't want all 87 of my brussels sprouts rolling around in a bag with 42 radishes and 65 green beans, that just sounds chaotic." well yeah, and I guess it would be and that's why there's these awesome things called REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS. Woop woop!

I purchased my first set after realizing how much waste I was creating and essentially throwing away after just one week of use. Nature's Pickin's had a great little 3 pack of lightweight black netted bags with a drawstring, sized small to large. I bet the large could hold 87 brussels sprouts... Maybe i'll test it out this Thanksgiving and let you know. 😉

Whoever saw me taking these photos in the save on foods parking lot probably thought "oh my gosh, people will take silly photos of ANYTHING these days!"

These bags are pretty strong and washable! I forget the brand now but you can google "reusable produce bags" and a lot of different options will pop up - or better yet, support local makers! These babies are becoming more and more popular, so chances are someone in your area will be selling them.


Thanks for reading and if I've inspired at least one person to view their shopping trip in a different light then I'm a happy lady.

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