EcoDairy is Green on St. Patrick’s Day and Every Day!

EcoDairy is Green on St. Patrick’s Day and Every Day!



The colour green has been associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and the environment among other things. We like the visual these words create… And they go hand in hand with the farm practices that happen here at EcoDairy. Each day we work towards a greener and cleaner way of farming, to set an example for our guests who tour with us because it’s so important to take care of the environment we live in!

Did you know that we used recycled wood from the BC pine beetle destruction that started back in the 1990’s in some of our building structures? We also use a water collection barrel to save and store water for future use, and right above the collection barrel is our petting zoo grass roof which has proved to be an eco-friendly insulator, keeping the animals below warmer in the winter, and blocks some of that summer heat in the summer. Also, the goats love grazing up there!

This past summer a special addition was made to our site – The Hydrogreen: “A fully automated hydroponics system that grows grass from seed in 6 days with no soil required.” Here we grow barley which is harvested daily and mixed in with our cows’ silage – They love it! And it’s a pretty mind blowing way to add healthy greens to their diet each morning. Similar to when you add a little spinach or kale to your smoothie.

We’ve focused on creating a happy, healthy and harmonious environment where people can be inspired by modern agriculture where our animals feel safe and well taken care of with the help of energy efficient robots, temperature controlled barns, and so much more! EcoDairy is a place of growth and we’re always excited for the next project, the next opportunity to teach and motivate, and to discover new ways we can run an operation like this while being kind to the environment.

Inspired? The Art of Simple Blog has some great ideas on how you can work towards creating a greener life at home… Things you wouldn’t think of right away, like putting a stop to unsolicited mail… We could get on board with that!

We hope you have a great time sporting your green attire and drinking green beer from your local brewery in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, and while you’re THINKING GREEN consider the ways you can GO GREEN all year round!

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