EcoDairy Staff Feature: Vanessa!

EcoDairy Staff Feature: Vanessa!

Hello! My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised here in the Fraser Valley. I’m a bit of a tea granny, I love sunshine, traveling, doing anything artistic, I’m a self-published children’s author (Little Sparks Co.) and I’m in the process of planning my September wedding with the fiancé of my dreams! I didn’t grow up on a farm but my dad did, and he thought it was pretty cool when I ended up working at EcoDairy.

My official title at EcoDairy is “Programs Coordinator”. If you’re been here before chances are you’ve either had me as your tour guide, birthday party host or you’ve talked with me at the front desk. Maybe I was one of your kids’ leaders at a ProD Day camp or spring/summer camp or perhaps you’ve seen me running around like a wild pirate at our Halloween Event “Moo or Boo” or visiting the animals in our outdoor exhibits. I also do a lot of “behind the scenes” work here too! I co-run our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, the EcoDairy Blog and I’m the gal who sends out our monthly newsletters too, keeping all of you fine people up to date on the amazing things happening on and off-site!

I’ve been with EcoDairy for FOUR years now which means that I’ve had the pleasure to watch and be a part of the HUGE amount of growth here. I watched as “Bakerview EcoDairy” transformed into “EcoDairy in Partnership with Science World” which is a huge deal, but that’s just the beginning. Every day is a new adventure and I’m blessed to say that I’ve had so many opportunities to learn and grow with this place.

It also means that I’ve gotten to know some of our lovely ladies in the barn pretty well! This is my FAVOURITE cow selfie with Valerie the cow, isn’t she fun?! Our cows are all named after schools in the comoo-nity (er, excuse me… *COMMUNITY) and Valerie is Valley Christian School’s cow, which was MY school growing up from K-Grade 8! Our friendship was meant to be.


Another one of my favourite cows is Dora. Dora (her other name is Demello) is the most inspirational cow I have ever met. Dora and I have a love/hate relationship. She loves to lick everyone, she’s sneezed gooey cow slobber all over my face, she sent her poop flying through the air with our spinning cow brush and it landed on me and some touring guests… She loves to show off and follow me on tour and her personality is so huge that I’ve started working on a children’s book all about her misadventures, to be called “Oh No Demello”.

I better stop here before I tell you my whole life story… Now that you know who I am, how about YOU come in for a tour and introduce yourself? 😉 I know we’ll be great friends.


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