Zip up your coats and jump into your rubber boots, it’s time to explore the first ever AMOOZING RACE farm adventure! October has already been a whirlwind of excitement with our Amoozing Race reveal celebration dinner, World Teacher Day taking place on our picnic grounds and with MOO or BOO right around the corner.

The Amoozing Race takes place all throughout the EcoDairy grounds, both indoors and out. We’re excited to bring this new addition so that guests can not only learn about the new innovative aspects on our farm (like how we turn poop into power and grow grass indoors 365 days a year) but it’s an ever-changing attraction that’ll get you thinking about the importance of agriculture on a larger scale.

Nowadays there’s such disconnect to where our food comes from and we’re here to help make sense of it all. That stuff in the grocery store? It’s either from an animal or it was GROWN somewhere! Even your pumpkin spice Oreos have wheat and paprika in them, which come from plants… Having said that, those are about it for non-chemical ingredients (…eww).

Instead of hearing questions like “How do we get eggs? Do you plant them in the ground and pick them off an egg bush?” we would rather show you our chickens, let you hold and egg and have you say “Wait…. Why is this egg... WARM?”

The Amoozing Race features NINE new story boards (currently in their temporary trial stage) for you to explore, and as a bonus, the FIRST 100 guests to give our new adventure a try will receive a limited edition Amoozing Race button pin to start off or add to their collection.

So if you want to be a part of EcoDairy’s history in the making stop by and add the amoozing race to your tour experience for an extra $3.00 and give us your HONEST feedback. You’ll play a role in helping us create the MOOOST AMOOOOZING experience possible!

See ya’ll soon!

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