EGGciting times at EcoDairy

EGGciting times at EcoDairy


EcoDairy: it all started with cows and dairy tours and showing people where their food comes from…namely their dairy products like milk, sour cream, cream, ice cream, cottage cheese, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, frozen yogurt…and the list goes on and on :).

But today EcoDairy is more than just dairy tours.


We have an entire farm to showcase and explore and adventures and AMOOzing Races along the way.

One such stop is our FreeBird Layer Barn


Layer hens are what we call chickens that lay eggs.

On our farm we have a flock of FreeBird Eggs hens and in the past few months our Free Bird Layer Barn has received a face lift.

While the free-range chickens are cozy in the barn during these cooler months (as mandated by BCEMB)we’ve been busy in the egg collection room painting the walls a bright egg yolk yellow, adding info-graphics, bright red FreeBird decals of Freeda and information to share some fun farm facts.

You should check it out!


On the east side of the layer barn there is a window you can step up to and peek through to see what it is we’re talking about.

It’s another EcoDairy ‘bright’ idea … and when I say bright … I mean bright, you might even need a pair of sunglasses to peek inside at the bright yellow.



If you contact EcoDairy in advance there is a chance we may be able to take you into the layer barn for a behind the scenes look at where your eggs come from.  In fact there are lots of other fun and exciting ‘behind the scenes’ things to see and do at EcoDairy ; contact us to find out more.

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