Welcome To Our Farm

We invite you to come visit the EcoDairy for a fun and authentic farm experience including the sights, sounds and smells of the farm.

Dairy Barn Tour

We invite you inside our barn to meet the cows face to face, push up their feed, see them interact with one another and see the cow brush and robotic milker in action, spend time in our Discovery Zone with our hands on displays designed with our partners from Science World, watch the movie in our mini theater.

Amoozing Race

Play to win! You can explore the farm and find different clues at our Amoozing Race stations that will lead you all over the farm. Finish the race and come inside EcoDairy to answer a skill testing question and collect a prize.

Farm Experience

There is so much for you to see and do on the farm. We have barns to explore, animals to feed and observe, grass to run around on, tables to picnic at, berries to pick and so much more.