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What is EcoDairy in partnership with Science World?

EcoDairy is an authentic farm experience while also showcasing innovations in dairy sustainability and efficiency. Our goal is to inspire young minds to develop an active interest in farming, innovation in food and agriculture and other facets of science and technology.

Visit EcoDairy and satisfy your curiosity...

Discovery Centre

Delivering a highly interactive experience through hands-on displays developed by Science World British Columbia. Includes Vicki, the incredible milking cow!


This is our classroom space for school groups, camps and workshops. Our Moozanine doubles as an event space available for rental.

Avalon Theatre

Vicki the Cow helps you really get to know your food with a short film screening at regular intervals in our 15-seat theatre.

Observation Room

Stop by and see Robbie the Robot in action! Did you know he can milk a cow in six minutes flat?

Dairy Barn

Meet our cows face-to-face, learn about their 5-star accommodations and try your hand at lifting a day's worth of cow manure.

Animal Exhibit

Free for the public to enjoy year-round, come and meet our farm animal friends including goats on the roof!

IceCream Stand

Fresh from the EcoDairy, open May - September.


You can't get fresher than picking your own blueberries and blackberries to take home with you. Beyond the park is our no-spray U-Pick field featuring some of the biggest, juiciest blueberries and thornless blackberries around.

Picnic and Park Area

Located behind Nature's Pickin's, kick back and enjoy a little piece of tranquility in this space open to the public year-round.

Being kind to our planet

We’re all responsible for this planet and we believe in doing our part. In fact, we pride ourselves on all of the ways we have found to make our operation more environmentally sustainable.

Natural ventilation system

With an increased awareness of the cost and environmental impact of energy use, natural ventilation has become a smarter method for reducing energy use. Natural ventilation, unlike fan-forced air, uses the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to circulate fresh air into our buildings. The system used by our Discovery Centre, Dairy Barn and Nature's Pickin's is computer controlled through side-wall fresh air inlets and chimney exhaust louvres. In the barn, our cows provide the heat to create the air movement!

Lighting system

The lighting system in both the Dairy Barn and Nature's Pickin's uses induction based technology, creating the most efficient conversion of electricity to light. The system uses 47% less energy consumption and lasts 10 times longer, along with improved brightness and color.

Water conservation system

EcoDairy collects fresh rainwater from the roof of the Learning Centre. For every inch of water collected, 4000 gallons is stored and reused to irrigate the green roof and grounds.

Building materials

Before 1993, the mountain pine beetle was just another insect in BC's rich forests. However for the past decade the burrowing beetle's population has exploded, its infestation continuing to wipe out growths of mature Lodgepole pine trees so important to the province's lumber industry. Instead of going to waste, beetle-attacked timber has been salvaged and used in the Discovery Centre rather than using new material from healthy trees. But don’t worry; the unique-looking wood has no practical effect on the strength of the building. It not only looks beautiful but is solid and structurally sound.


EcoDairy, in cooperation with the City of Abbotsford’s Soil Conservation Group, has enhanced the riparian zone along the Marshall/Lonzo Creek. The site encourages animal habitation, with a few acres of natural and wooded pasture that allows for both birds and wildlife to exist on the property. You can even find a bald eagle nest on the south side of our farm!


EcoDairy is committed to the development of sustainable and innovative farm practices. We are conscious of reducing our carbon footprint and staying in tune with the needs of our animals.

Robotic Milker

The cows milk whenever they want thanks to Robbie, our Robotic Milker. Robbie the Robot takes an average of just six minutes to milk a cow and is available on demand meaning our farmers are not bound to a stringent milking schedule. Robbie identifies each cow by her blue necklace, tracks how much milk she produces and tests it to ensure she is fit and healthy.

Anaerobic digester

We’ve teamed up with AVATAR Energy to recycle our cows' manure to power the farm. AVATAR is dedicated to increasing the profitability and sustainability of agriculture, capturing renewable energy, and protecting the environment. Ours is BC's first on-farm anaerobic digester which we operate in partnership with CowPower BC.

The system takes our cows' manure, heats it, and collects methane gas which is then burned by a generator to create electricity to power our buildings and equipment, offsetting a portion of our electricity needs.

By-products of the system are a soft fiber which we use for the cows’ bedding and a condensed liquid organic fertilizer that can be used for crops and gardens.

Got milk?

Meet our cows, makers of delicious, good for you milk!

Our cow “family,” like every family, is full of distinct personalities. There’s the quirky one, the mothering type, the silly one… so come pick out your favourite. We’ve named them all after schools in the area – maybe you’ll meet your school’s namesake!

Our cows produce over 12,000 gallons of milk per month and they live in a 5-star environment, producing premium dairy products. But don’t just take our word for it, pick up a bottle of EcoDairy Milk from the dairy case at Nature's Pickin's to take home with you. We promise you will taste the difference!

Bringing the pasture inside

At EcoDairy, we aim to provide year-round comfort for our cows. Due to the seasonal climate in BC, cows spend the majority of their time inside. In fact, studies have shown cows actually prefer to spend their time indoors - especially during the day.

So by “bringing the pasture inside,” our cows enjoy:

  • Sleeping on mattresses in individual comfort stalls (8 recycled tires per stall)
  • Walking on soft, rubber covered flooring
  • Feeding in unique, individual stalls that help them feel secure while eating
  • A climate controlled natural ventilation system
  • A rotating brush for self-grooming 18 hours of light per day that simulates springtime