There are a lot of reasons to get your kids off the couch and outside digging in the dirt of the garden…the fresh air, the great outdoors, the activity and distraction from screen time … but here are our TOP 3 REASONS to get kids into gardening.


1 – Gardening teaches the REWARD OF HARD WORK & PATIENCE

Gardening isn’t easy but it is simple…prep the soil so it is garden ready, plant the seeds, water the garden, weed the rows and watch the garden grow.  A garden doesn’t grow overnight so kids learn delayed gratification…such a foreign concept in today’s fast paced world.

2 – Gardening encourages HEALTHY EATING

Strange but true…my kids may not be thrilled about eating veggies but when it comes from their very own garden they are excited to eat it.  There is a sense of pride over the bounty of their harvest. They love trying to grow and taste different veggies, herbs and berries…variety is the spice of life.

3- Gardening provides an opportunity for FAMILY BONDING

It’s great to spend time outdoors together planting and tending to the garden but the bonding doesn’t just happen in the garden but in the kitchen as we prepare meals using garden fresh ingredients and over the shared meals as we taste the potatoes, marvel at the vibrant reds of the cherry tomatoes or savor the salad we just picked, washed and tossed.

It’s not too late to head out there and plant the garden so why not make that your weekend project.

And to get the kids motivated head on over to EcoDairy to get kids the gardening supplies.

How cute are these.

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