Who is Gertie

Here at EcoDairy we are known for our cows and even our live goats grazing on the grass roof but did you know we have Gertie the Goat out in the big city at Science Worlds WONDER Gallery.

It’s true, Gertie the Goat exists and you can find her at Science World.

Why a goat in the big city?

Years ago the EcoDairy set out to educate and inspire agricultural advocates and teach people about farming and where their food comes from.  We were thrilled that when Science World found out what we were doing out here in the valley they wanted to get on board and thus began the Science World partnership.  The creative geniuses at Science World helped us develop our hands on discovery center and displays to enhance what was already on site.  The result was incredible.

We love that Science World is so supportive with what we are doing out here in the valley.  And here at EcoDairy we are excited to support Science World as well, hence, a goat named Gertie.

When we found out Science World was developing an all new WONDER Gallery to help early learners learn through play with opportunities to experiment, shine, crawl, build, climb and splash under the watchful guidance of mascot animals, we were thrilled to take part.  We became sponsors of the project and as such Bill & Helinda were given the honor of naming Wonder Gallery’s resident farm animal, the goat; Gertie the Goat.

Why Gertie?

Mrs. Helinda shares why she went with the name Gertie.

Gertie the Goat, it has a nice ring to it, but the truth is I have 3 sisters and, believe it or not, one of them is named Gertrude.  Yes, Gertrude.  I also happen to have 3 daughters and while I named 2 of those daughters after my other sisters, the 3rd daughter is a namesake to my Mom, my mother in law and my sister in law…and poor Gertie was never honored with a namesake.  Who is kidding who, at the time we weren’t jumping at the chance to use the name Gertrude for a daughter.  So when we were given the honor of naming Science Worlds Wonder Gallery mascot goat there wasn’t a doubt in my mind which name to choose.  And so Gertie the Goat was named.  (But for the record, if our 5th child had been a girl the middle name would have been Gertrude 🙂 )

The next time you are at EcoDairy look for the commemorative plaque from Science Worlds WONDER Gallery or better yet, visit Science World to experience the WONDER gallery first hand and see if you can spot Gertie.

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