Ready or not, it’s only a few more sleeps until school is back in session.

This is a time of mixed emotions for all the family members.  Emotions such as excitement, fear, dread, indifference, relief … to name a few.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare your household for the first week back after summer break.


Establish Sleep Routines

It’s time to get used to earlier mornings so earlier bed times are a good idea.  Get the whole household back into the routine of early to bed and early to rise so that first day of school doesn’t hit you like a 10 ton truck (or bus).


Establish School Routines

It’s good to know in advance what time school starts or what time the bus arrives so you can figure out how much time is needed to start the day at an enjoyable tempo rather rushed and chaotic. Other tricks to avoid morning mayhem include preparing things the night before. Why not pack a lunch, pick out an outfit and have the notices signed, homework complete and back packs ready the night before.


Shop Together In Advance

Whether it’s school supplies, shoes, back to school outfits or ingredients for lunches it’s a good idea to shop together.  Maybe shopping together sounds stressful but it can also simplify things in the long run.  The school supply list might ask for supplies but your kid might have leftovers or knowledge that can reduce the bill $.  You might be informed the good as new indoor shoes you bought a few short months ago are now 2 sizes too small for your child.  You might discover all your lunch options are left untouched so you better get the kids involved in the lunch making process.


Be Informed

It may feel like information overload that first week of school so try and review any paperwork or electronic info that may have come from the school and why not check out the district and school websites.


Set Up Homework Station & After School Routines

It’s great to have a plan in place for when school is in session.  Set up a place for homework and make sure everyone is informed on what happens after school weather it’s homework, snack, sport or activity.  Have a plan so everyone knows what is expected.




Back to School is inevitable and we hope you get your household prepared with these tips and tricks so you can enjoy these last few days of summer.

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