Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Trick or Treat

Halloween is this week and we have a few safety tips.

They are safety tips regarding the 3 C’s of Halloween – the Costume, the Crew & the Candy



When it comes to Trick or Treating, costumes are not optional they are mandatory but please… they should be functional over fancy (and not too freaky).

Make sure the costume is:

  • Easy to move around in…you don’t want your costume to slow you down from collecting as much candy as possible
  • Easy to see out of, breath through and hear through
  • Visible at night – just add reflective tape
  • Made for the weather

Costume Conundrum – When I was a kid, my brother and I decided to dress up as a pair of dice…cool right.  We painted and cut out holes in cardboard boxes for our heads, legs and arms… seemed like a fun idea but it rained that Halloween and the boxes were hard to move fast in and soon disintegrated in the rain



Halloween trick-or-treating alone is no fun, adult supervision or with a crew is a better idea

Preferably don’t go alone

  • Pick a good group of friends that can keep the same pace…sometimes its fun to coordinate costumes
  • Pick a good neighborhood, safe, well lit, houses close together
  • Use sidewalks, driveways, walkways and crosswalks … don’t run through gardens


  • If there are no lights on and no Jack-o-lanteern there will be NO CANDY…skip that house
  • Inspect candy and goodies collected before eating
  • Keep what you like and toss or trade out the rest … kids love spreading out their candy after trick or treating and then trading and swapping with family and friends
  • Brush your teeth


I’ll throw in a third C for COOL STUFF

Trick-or-treating is a blast but there are other fun ideas and events happening throughout the day and into the evening.  Trick-or-treating in various malls and shopping districts around town, church events and our very own MOO or BOO carnival at EcoDairy.  Check it out!


Hope your Halloween is safe and SPOOKtacular.

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