Introducing: Hanks Grass Fed Beef

Introducing: Hanks Grass Fed Beef


We like to keep you up to date on what is happening around here so we thought we should tell you a little bit about HANK’S GRASS FED BEEF (HGFB).  Hank’s Grass Fed Beef is local, healthy, 100% Canadian premium beef that is raised well and grass fed to produce healthier beef with better taste and texture.



Grass fed beef is experiencing a renaissance as of late and the reason is simple: health benefits. Grass fed beef is lean, higher in vitamin E, B1 and B2 and Omega 3’s, and higher in beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.  This helps with brain function, heart health and fights against cancers and type 2 diabetes. That makes for some healthy beef.


They are called Grass Fed Beef for a reason, they eat a lot of grass.  They receive a diet of mixed grains and grasses including Hydrogreen wheatgrass (link to blog on Hydrogreen), along with the opportunity to forage in the grassy pasture. The beef is finished grain-free, non-GMO with no added hormones or steroids. Hank’s goal is to make high-quality grass fed beef available year-round. Why? Because they know it’s important.



Behind the EcoDairy barn are other barns, buildings, pastures, flocks, animals and fields.  Some of these barns house beef cattle and the pastures are used to for grazing.  The grass fed beef cattle are a black Angus cross and are predominantly black and broad and are a terrific beef breed. In contrast, the dairy cows are black and white or red and white Holstein breed with one or two Jersey cows which are both terrific milk breeds.



Bill Vanderkooi who founded EcoDairy grew up on a farm a stone’s throw from our current location and his Dad’s name is Hank.

Hank along with the generations that came before him were very connected to the land and the fields they cultivated and the animals they tended. They knew success resulted from investing in hard work, being good stewards of the land and animals, being honest and open in their relationships,– including family, friends and community – and taking pride in knowing that they had produced something of great quality that others could enjoy.

‘We’re proud of our farming heritage, passionate about what we’re doing and we’re pleased to be able to offer 100% Canadian premium grass fed beef to our customers and their families.  We promise to raise our cattle right, feed and treat them well so they will produce the finest grass fed beef you’ve ever tasted.’  HGFB



People want to know where their food comes from and we are being transparent about that so the search for quality grass fed beef is finally over as Hanks Grass Fed Beef hits the market with Canadian Premium AAA and AA high quality beef with ideal texture, flavor, taste and health benefits. You can pick yours up today at Natures Pickins Market.

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