Kit & Leo – Life in the Calf Barn!

Kit & Leo - Life in the Calf Barn!


Kit & Leo, our favourite fuzzy orange cat brother duo have been the highlight of many of our guests’ visits over the past 5 months! We treated them like family, and so did a few of our regular visitors – some even brought them Christmas cards, toys and made sure they were fed extra treats when they stopped by to say hello.

About a two months ago the brothers were promoted to real barn cats. Now that they’re all grown up they have a very important job watching over the baby cows, pooping in much larger “litter boxes” (stalls) and typing notes on the farmer’s keyboard about how the calves are doing.

Leo’s favourite place to lounge is on top of the computer cupboard in the office area (like the natural climber he is, remember when he used to sit on top of our Christmas tree?)

Cozy Kit takes his naps on the farmer’s jacket, which also isn’t a surprise. He’s all about an easy and convenient lifestyle.

We miss our sweet boys a lot, and we know that many of you do too, but it’s nice to think about the good life they’re livin’ up in the calf barn, and who knows, there may be another pair of kittens on the EcoDairy horizon…

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