Looking Back on 2017

Looking Back on 2017



Do you know where 2017 went? It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, it seemed to have zipped by faster than usual! Today we’re looking back on some of our favourite moments from 2017… Get settled because this might take a while!


Staying Healthy

We kicked things off on the blog with a focus on health and good habits. Helinda tried a juice cleanse from The Habit Project and left a review on her experience! (Click here to read.) Helinda’s also shared a number of healthy and delicious recipes here on the blog, like this heartwarming soup filled with local ingredients.

Speaking of good habits and healthy choices, our friends from Free Bird Eggs launched their company this year! All you need is one free bird egg per day and you’ll get your recommended daily portion of vitamin D, how great is that?

Hairy Residents

We were surprised with an invader one day, don’t worry though, he was non-violent, and mostly just here for the chocolate bars and cherry flavoured lollipops that were left on the counter one evening… Houdini the Mouse.
Months later we welcomed two fuzzy orange residents to EcoDairy to keep Mr. Houdini on a sugar-free diet. Last time he loaded up on sweets he burst out of Vanessa’s open purse like a small grey rocket, nearly giving her a heart attack! No need to repeat that.
Now Kit and Leo roam the Discovery Zone at night keeping order, unless they’ve found a new stack of papers to knock over.

EcoDairy Staff

As the seasons changed we welcomed our summer staff, Emily and Alex back for another fun season of camps, ice-cream and blueberries! We said goodbye to Kaylee as she and her husband went to serve in Uganda, you can follow their blog here. We welcomed a new member to our EcoDairy team: Dan! Breanna got married, Vanessa got married, and Emily got engaged!

Photo Booth

We’ve hosted a number of special events from Canada AG Day to BC Family Day, Valentine’s Day, MOO or BOO and more! One of our favourite ways to capture memories from these events is with our photo booth. Next time you visit take a snap in front of the big cow picture and if you’re putting it up on social media make sure you use #EcoDairy so we can see it too!


We love when we get the chance to teach kids about agriculture and explore life on the farm. Each year we host a handful of ProD Day camps, Winter break camps, a week of Spring Break camp and three weeks of Summer camp. The stories and memories that come out of those days and weeks are something special. This year we’ve explored themes like pumpkins, preserves, a week in a farmer’s boots in the spring… We’ve fed animals, done farmer chores, played games, ate snacks, cooked together, make crafts, read stories, the list goes on.

On the road

We’ve had the pleasure of joining a number of community events and gatherings, like Science World’s Around the Dome weekend, Jam in Jubilee, the Abbotsford Farmers Market, Family Fishing Day at the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery, and more!

We’re thankful for all of the good times and team building moments we’ve shared over this past year, we’re so lucky to have such an amazing EcoDairy team and equally awesome guests that make our days here so much more eventful and exciting. We’ll finish this post off with a few more favourite snaps:


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