Make Your Own Barometer!

Make Your Own Barometer!

A farmer's day to day schedule is never certain and can change rapidly depending on the weather.

The month of March brings can provide a plethora of weather conditions from snow, to storms, rain and sunshine - sometimes all in one day! Each morning farmers will check the weather and TRY to plan their day accordingly but interruptions still happen all the time (for instance, goats don't think about your schedule when they decide to go into labour, and they REALLY don't care if you're trying to take a lunch break and they REALLY REALLY don't care if you're wearing your shiny new white sneakers!) That's part of the reason why working on a farm can be challenging at times, but so rewarding and exciting too.

So going back to weather... It's always helpful to know what may fall out of the sky over the course of the day, you check the weather forecast and so do I! If the sun is shining it’s likely the farmer will plan a day for outdoor chores, but if the weather conditions are bad, catching up on some indoor repairs or barn chores would be more likely.

We found a great science activity that you can try at home that might help you and your young learner(s) determine what the day might look like before you go to check your weather app!

Check out this DIY barometer from "Housing a Forest"

Now each morning you can wake up, check your “do-it-yourself” barometer and think about how a farmer might schedule their day depending on what the weather has in store!


Photo cred: The Blue Barn

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