February is about matters of the heart.

Yes, it’s Valentines Day but it is also Heart Health month, a time to bring attention to cardiovascular health.

This happens to be a matter close to my heart.  A while back my mom had a pacemaker put in and has been dealing with various heart issues including congestive heart failure. Poor Mama.


I looked up some information on heart health at and discovered a few things.

The listed risk factors included:

Unhealthy weight, unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle. tabacco and alcohol misuse and over consumption and stress.

There are unavoidable risk factors as well such as ethnicity, gender, age and hereditary aspects.

My mom is an older lady, she had been very active until her pacemaker, she is quite healthy and not really overweight or stressed but still she deals with heart issues

Taking into consideration the risk factors, I am going to focus on things that are in my control such as the lifestyle I live and what I put into my body.

Starting my day off right with a heart healthy smoothie made with @vitalafoods yogurt, frozen berries, kale & spinach, chia seeds and a bit of milk are a step in the right direction.


So why not check out the heart and stroke website to learn what you can do for your heart but in the meantime try a vitalafoods, fruit yogurt smoothie with kale & spinach.


Yogurt Smoothie


Place the below listed ingredients in this order into a blender.

2 cups yogurt

1 cup fresh or frozen berries (add ice to fresh berries)

1 cup leafy kale or spinach (not firmly packed)

A splash of milk

1 scoop protein powder (optional)


Blend ingredients until desired consistency is achieved then sip and enjoy your way to a healthier heart.

Check out the website to learn more.

Let’s all find our way to a happier and healthier heart.

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