May the 4th be with Moo!

May the 4th be with Moo!



What do EcoDairy and Star Wars have in common? (Cue the intense music)

Let me introduce you to Robbie the Robot, much like R2-D2 and C-3PO he’s our handy dandy robot pal and our show wouldn’t be complete without him!

Our cows (lets refer to them as Stormtroopers today) rely on Robbie to milk them on a routine schedule. The troopers wear a blue collar around their neck, much like a Fitbit that communicates to Robbie who they are. Robbie is programed to kick them out if they’re too early for their milking (aka just looking for a sweet snack). At the same time some of the troopers don’t make it to the robot in time for their milking, in which case Robbie will tattle tale on them by texting the farmer saying “Bernice and Melanie are late, bring them to me asap!” What a guy! We might even call him the Luke Skywalker of EcoDairy.

Robbie is a big machine that will assist one trooper at a time. He has one large arm and red laser eyes on the tips of his fingers that help him locate the trooper’s teats!

Robbie will give a snack, wash each teat, perform the milking, test the milk, and he’ll let us know if there’s any problems by sending the farmer a text message.

It’s all pretty amoo-zing stuff, and we love teaching our guests about Robbie and the other robots that help us take care of the farm animals!

So May the 4th be with you, and may it bring you down to our farm for a space-age adventure this weekend!

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