Web Cams

Check in on Vicki and friends from anywhere! We have five webcams which let you view all the farm activity live.

Robotic Milker #1

Two webcams capture all the milking action. Our cows decide when they are ready to be milked.

This system is more in tune with their bodies' natural rhythm because we know happier cows mean yummier milk.

Robotic Milker #2

You'll often see our cows waiting in line...patiently or impatiently! Once they are done in the robotic milker, they go through a special foot bath to help keep their hooves healthy. Foot health is monitored closedly at EcoDairy and is an integral part of our cows' health care plan.

Swinging Cow Brush

Cows naturally like to be brushed and groomed; it’s in their nature. That’s why you’ll see them regularly scratching up against whatever they can find. Respecting this natural behaviour is essential for happy cows.

At EcoDairy, we have a rotating cow brush to help keep a girl's coat glossy. The brush is also a hub for social activity which is why you might catch our girls exchanging some idle gossip while they wait their turn!

Feeding Lane

At EcoDairy every cow has her own feeding stall. That way she can leisurely eat in her own space and can’t be pushed around by a boss cow. These dividers also reduce the competition for feed, so our cows are more relaxed.

The feed lane is elevated so that the automatic alley scraper will not hit the cows’ feet as it cleans the walking lane. And there’s rubber mat flooring to provide soft cushion comfort.

Free Stalls (cow beds)

Individual sleep stalls are designed for ultimate cow comfort. Our cows have the freedom to lie on their sides, rest their heads and legs and sleep or stand without pain or stress.

Our unique “PastureMat” flooring provides a firm but soft mattresses. And they are eco-friendly – there are eight recycled tires in each mat! The stall pipe fabrication is also designed for cow comfort and accommodates their natural movement. Waste falls into the alley behind so that the stall is kept clean and fresh.