Meet the EcoDairy Cows: Robyn

Meet the EcoDairy Cows: Robyn




At EcoDairy we have a barn full of big, beautiful ladies with personalities to match, and we get to learn more about each of our “cow-workers” every time we guide a tour through their home. Because we’re a working dairy you never know what you’re going to see going on in there… One time we caught Queenie the cow standing on her two back hooves, soaking her front two in the water trough – even though she had a perfectly good hove wash station right behind her. Another time we saw Dora attempt to open the compartment on the robot milker where the sweet treats are stored, sneaky!

Today we’re introducing you to someone very special: Robyn. She’s a perfect mix of sassy and sweet and she’s usually more than happy to give our willing guests a big lick if they get close enough.

Robyn likes to be in charge, and if the cow brush station is occupied when she wants to use it, no problem! She’ll just push the other cows aside and take her “rightful” place. Robyn enjoys long drinks at the water trough, taking naps and being the star of the show, but as soon as she’s tired of being in the spotlight you better leave her alone or she’ll fling her slobber at you.

Next time you tour keep an eye out for Robyn!

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