Meet the EcoDairy Staff: April

Meet the EcoDairy Staff: April


Summer time means all hands on deck because life gets a little busier with walk-in tours and kids camps. We usually get to welcome a few new faces to our team each year and we are excited to introduce one of them to you today! Meet April, she toured EcoDairy with her 4H group once and decided that she really liked this place, fast forward a few months and she officially joined our team as a tour guide. She's bubbly, fun and knows her stuff! Let's learn a little more about her...


Hi! I’m April, I do tours and ice cream at eco dairy! I love teaching people more about animals and where their food comes from! Currently my favourite cow on the farm is Poppy! She has a huge personality and is always willing to say hello to everyone. Although she can be a bossy cow, I know that she just loves the attention!

While working at eco Dairy I have learnt so much! The most interesting fact I have learnt is that a cows tongue can grow up to 20 inches long! I always thought they would be great at licking ice cream!


My favourite summer activity is going into nature to camp! Although I have to say eating ice cream on the beach is a close second!


Words of wisdom/ my favourite quote is:

“Youth should not just be the leaders of tomorrow, they can be the leaders of today!”

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