Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Rebecca!

Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Rebecca!


We interviewed Rebecca for this month’s staff feature. Rebecca brings a special joy and energy to EcoDairy that really brightens up the place. She has a knack for making her guests feel welcome and at home, and we’re so lucky to have a gem like her on our team! Let’s get to know her a little better…


Name: Rebecca Enns

What does your day-to-day look like at EcoDairy?

My day-to-day at EcoDairy is an adventurous one! You never know who will step into the main building asking for a tour of our lovely cow-ladies. Every day is different because of the variety of people who walk-in. I absolutely love touring children because they are always interested in what the cows are doing and are always ready to learn new things about the animals that we have.

Something you’ve learned while working here:

I have learnt so much about cows from working at EcoDairy. I have never known so much about cows as I do now. I have also learnt how to become a better "teacher". I am currently studying to become an elementary teacher and EcoDairy has helped me develop my teaching skills by having the opportunity to work with children at the EcoDairy summer camp and also by giving tours.

Do you have a favourite cow in the barn?

My favourite cows in the barn would definitely be Dora and Melanie. They are so social and friendly to everyone.

Something we should know about you?

I love God and live in Paraguay as a Missionary Kid but am completing my studies at UFV. I can speak English, German, and Spanish and the best thing is when Latins come into EcoDairy and I have the privilege of giving them a tour in Spanish. I absolutely love children and people in general. I am an extrovert and love to be around people.

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