Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Scott the Manager!

Meet the EcoDairy Staff: Scott the Manager!

We were VERY happy to welcome Scott to the EcoDairy team this April. We were without a manager for a few months and when we learned that a new manager would be arriving April 1st we thought it was an April Fool's Day joke... Thankfully he's real, and it's been such a pleasure working alongside him, and getting to know him over the past few months. He has a knack for customizing our tour experience for his groups, you're sure to leave with some interesting new facts and probably a few laughs. Let's learn more...



Full Name: Scott Johnson

What people call you:
I’ve been called lots of names, that’s why I work here now.  I have been called Scojo a few times.

What does your day-to-day look like at EcoDairy on the farm:
I’m new! I’m learning about what day to day means.  I give tours to Kindergartners and to Professors at universities.  I say good morning to all the cows, goats and sheep.  I enjoy working on special projects that can improve the visiting experience for families, students and visitors from afar.

Something you’ve learned while working here:
I have learned a lot about the care of our animals and the technology we use to help on the farm and the positive impact it has for the environment as a whole.

Do you have a favourite cow in the barn or animal in the petting zoo?  Or least favorite? Explain.
Leah was the first cow to come say hello to me and she follows me around sometimes.  I think we are friends!  The new baby goats sure are cute, especially when they run around on the roof!

Something we should know about you? Interesting or funny fact or a story from the farm.
I come from the world of education, I have been a teacher and a principal.  Its fun to learn about the worlds of business, tourism, agriculture and innovation.  I need to learn more about chickens, they roamed the land with the dinosaurs and when 400 of them stare at me it makes me more nervous than a class of crying Kindergartners!

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