Meet the Farmer: Pablo

Meet the Farmer: Pablo


We're pretty lucky to have such awesome farmers here at EcoDairy. They don't only have a passion for what they do here, they also care so well for our animals and they're always happy to chat with us tour guides and our guests about what they're up to on the farm.

Meet Pablo, he has a million dollar smile and a genuine easy-going attitude. He works behind the scenes with our animals, but sometimes you can catch him in the petting zoo cleaning out stalls. Let's learn a little more about him...

What people call you: Pablo the Farmer

What does your day-to-day look like on the farm: I arrive at 6:30 to feed the cows and clean up after them. I clean the robot milker and take care of the petting zoo animals. (Clean stalls, feed them, etc.)

Something you’ve learned while working here: I’ve learned more about farm equipment and how to drive it, specifically the bobcat – that one’s my favourite.

Do you have a favourite cow in the barn or animal in the petting zoo?  Or least favorite? Explain. The mini horse is my favourite, horses are one of my favourite animals because they can dance!

Something we should know about you? Interesting or funny fact or a story from the farm...but avoid stories that involve dead animals. (We play classical music in the barn) The cows might like the classical music, but it makes me sleepy, and I don’t like it. Maybe we can try another genre?? Also, I'm happy to be able to say I’ve lived in Canada for a year and a half now! 

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