Meet the Farmer!

We've done quite a few front desk staff features but today we're switching it up a little bit with a behind the scenes feature of one of the guys that really makes everything happen around here, and we like to call him Farmer John... He plays such a huge roll in keeping our site in proper shape and making sure the animals are well taken care of. We asked a few questions to get to know him a little better...

Full Name:  John MacKenzie

What people call you:  Farmer John

What does your day-to-day look like on the farm:  Oversee all farm production, animal husbandry, and chores.

Something you’ve learned while working here:  How to drive a tractor

Do you have a favourite cow in the barn or animal in the petting zoo?  Or least favorite? Explain.  I like the red calf, he reminds me of my grandparents farm in Ontario.

Something we should know about you? Interesting or funny fact or a story from the farm:   I’m new to farming day to day and love being around the animals and seeing them healthy and happy (yes animals can be happy).   I got to be here for the birth of my first calf – Valentine – as he was born on Feb 14. 

Thank goodness for Farmer John! Next time you're onsite keep an eye out for him and say hello!

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