MOO or BOO 2019 Recap!

MOO or BOO 2019 Recap!


When the business of summer fades we know the season of Moo or Boo is on its way. Slowly decorations start to climb the walls and wrap themselves around the Discovery Zone displays. Spider webs and bats fill the dark corners while streamers of white and red are strung from the hanging lights and twirled around posts.

This year we transformed our Discovery Center into a harvest carnival party zone filled with games like corn hole and ring toss, a balloon photo wall and more. We popped popcorn, and stuffed our faces with ice-cream topped with clown cone hats.

Even the petting zoo animals took part in the snack fest, mostly because they were being awarded for having such great costumes. (Thanks Taylor!)

Taylor with "Thing 1 & Thing 2"

So what is Moo or Boo exactly? For those of you who haven’t been before, Moo or Boo is a safe, warm, family friendly Halloween event that we’ve been running for the past 6 years here on the EcoDairy farm! You can watch a robotic milker inside of a carnival tent. It’s a place where you can come dressed as a princess warrior, a banana, a super hero, a chicken, a bag of jellybeans - WHATEVER you want, and enjoy games, snacks, a tour through the dairy barn, and a visit with our community partners.

Jason from Revival Arts Studio has provided beautiful, professional images of our guests each year since 2014! The Reach Art Gallery has also been with us since year one – This year Diana had an adorable pumpkin or apple craft for the kiddos and candies for the kids at heart. Science World has also been a big part of Moo or Boo and this year Charlotte was the reason for a whole lot of giggles and ooo’s & aaah’s as she shot smoke rings about the room, played musical potatoes and challenged guests to a KEVA knockdown.

We love and appreciate our incredible community partners, and EVERYONE who came down to celebrate with us this year. We're already looking forward to Moo or Boo 2020.. So save the date ya'll... SATURDAY October 31, 2020!

2019 EcoDairy Moo or Boo

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