Moo-rry Christmas from the EcoDairy staff!

Moo-rry Christmas from the EcoDairy staff!


As Christmas approaches we’re full of great cheer,

It’s a special and heartwarming time of the year!

The cows are all snuggled on their inflated beds

While visions of nose pats dance in their heads.

Their barn is all cozy, the temperature just right,

To keep them cozy all day and at night.

The feed is served fresh everyday did you know.

Not buried and stale under this blanket of snow.

The animal exhibit animals are cozy as well,

Come by for a visit, they think that’d be swell.

Our team is excited; the lights are all pretty,

It’s holiday time in our beautiful city.

The farmyard is frosty it’s chilly around here,

But hearts are warm with friends and family near.

The Christmas tree’s lit (too legit to quit)

The music station is playing every Holiday hit.

So bring on the pies, the sweets and the treats,

Hot drinks, cold drinks and all the good eats.

Strap on your ice-skates – have an adventure,

Take out the toboggan, listen to a caroler

Now wishing you all blessings & holiday cheer

Christmas in the Fraser Valley is here.



We wish you a moo-rry Christmas, we wish you a moo-rry Christmas, we wish you a moo-rry Christmas and a happy moo year!


With Love & Cow Licks,

The EcoDairy Team



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